About Me

Hey I am Erica, the owner of Fancy Lake Vacations.

I grew up around the water. I always enjoyed fishing with my grandparents, swimming on swim team, taking beach vacations, scuba diving and heading to the lake on weekends. But then…enter adult life. I was trying to survive the corporate grind – meanwhile many of my coworkers would come to work on Mondays with great stories about their weekend escape to the lake. I started to think  — what is stopping me from doing something like this? Why I am not living this life? I wanted my niece and nephew to be able to grow up with memories at the lake. And I desperately needed an escape myself.

Fancy Lake Vacations Started

Fast forward to an MBA program, a risk management project and some design and engineering skills and I took the plunge. I started Fancy Lake Vacations and invested in my first condo.  After just a few months so many guests loved the lake vibe of my condo that I realized this was working almost too well. There was rarely a weekend open for me!  

My Dream and Business

Fast forward 9 more months and the condo next door to my original went up for sale and it was the sign I needed to expand the dream and my business plan. While my favorite of the two condos is Feeling Nauti, both condos are a design tribute to my childhood memories with my Mom, Dad and grandparents. It gives me so much joy to see some of my best childhood memories come together in both condos. As you explore the condos and look at the pictures, you will note that I am not just an owner but I sincerely enjoy spending time at the Lake of the Ozarks. I enjoy giving my guests recommendations on and off of the water. My goal is to help all of my guests and their company curate an amazing lake vacation experience.

This has been a dream come true for me and I love to share this dream with all of my guests. I look forward to working with you and helping you with your travel and adventure plans.