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OZARK – Season 2 – New Information Released

Jason Bateman releases new information regarding OZARK season 2.  OZARK is a Netflix series set at Lake of the Ozarks, however the majority of the filming for season 1 took place at Lake Allatoona and Lake Lanier in Georgia.  One of the Lake of the Ozarks scenes is when Marty Byrde sees the lake for the first time at Lover’s Leap in Camdenton, MO.  Expect to see the sequel on Netflix sometime in 2018.

OZARK – Season 2 New Information

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Winter…just stop! Bring on waterski weather!

When is spring coming?

Enough of this winter weather taking over our spring.  If this continues this will be the only way to waterski at Lake of the Ozarks.

Absolute Glass

THIS. IS. AMAZING. #hitit #absoluteglass #puttingupwalls #thebestofallworlds #whitebutter–>(<–

Posted by Jerry of the Day on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Waterski Winter

Tired of this weather and want something to look forward to?  Check out our availability and start planning your getaway.

Fancy Lake Vacations Availability

Lake of the Ozarks – Where should I eat at?

Often times I get asked “what restaurants do you recommend?”.  Lake of the Ozarks offers many great restaurants.  Some of my favorites are located right on the water – accessible by boat or car.  Now, with this fancy new Google Map you can find all of the on-the-water restaurants LOTO has to offer.  The map is easy to use on your mobile device.

LOTO Lakefront Dining Map

Here are the top 3 Fancy Lake Vacations recommendations:

#1 – Redhead Lakeside Grill – MM21 – Try the pork tacos!

#2 – Backwater Jacks – MM18 – 17.5 – Try the sushi!

#3 – Dog Days – MM19 – Try the Lakewater!!

New fancy 3D floor-plans. Check them out!

lake front fancy vacations

When you book a vacation the last thing you want is unforeseen surprises when you walk in the front door.  The listing photos tell part of the story.  When offered, a 2D floor-plan better paints the picture.  Now you get the full picture of exactly what to expect when you step in the door of Fancy Lake Vacations lake front condos with our new 3D floor-plans.

A project for the 2018 season was to improve our visuals and help guests better understand what to expect when they walk in the front door.  New photos were recently shared.  Now, check out our new 3D floor-plan!  Can’t you just imagine how your family will enjoy the lake front condo??

Check out the new fancy floor-plan for our Lake Living condo.

lake front fancy vacations

Lake Living - Fancy lake vacations lakefront lake front fancy lake vacations floor-plan


Today is national #BookDirect day!!  This is a day for vacation rental owners to educate guests.

Booking direct will save you money (5-18%).  How??   There are no additional fees or costs for your vacation rental. Booking direct will also give you direct contact with the owner!  You deal with the owner.  No middle person to go through and no unexpected fees.

When you book a vacation, you want everything to be perfect!

The owner of your vacation rental gives personal attention about the property as well as the destination.  Do you need to find the closest grocery store, best restaurants or things to do? Would you like advice on things to do in the area? Do you have questions you need answered quickly? When you book direct, you’ll get prompt, friendly, and accurate information about all of these and more … even before you book your vacation!

Did you know that many of the best vacation rentals aren’t even listed on the major sites? Why? In 2016 the vacation market changed and started charging service fees to guests.   Guests are pushing back against service fees to vacation sites and finding owners directly.

Booking direct offers you much, much more and will even cost you less! Book direct today and save! #bookdirect


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