1932 Reserve Restaurant

1932 Reserve
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Lake of the Ozarks is known for its waterfront bars. In 2019, 1932 Reserve opened its doors and instantly became Fancy Lake Vacations absolute favorite waterfront dining destination. This upscale restaurant has an amazing selection of whiskey and wine. If you are a cocktail fan, you’ve got to try their Smoked Piggy. A smoked old-fashioned delivered tableside with a presentation that will have everyone watching.

The best part, 1932 Reserve is only located 2 miles from Fancy Lake Vacations. As you arrive by water or land make sure to check out the building – the oldest hotel and tavern in Osage Beach. That’s right, 1932 gets its name from its origin. Built in 1932 by B. Ray Franklin, the original building included steel beams, concrete pillars, and stone harvested from Ha Ha Tonka.  These have all been restored to give the restaurant and building its unique urban upscale vibe.  

Let’s talk about the food!  Open year-round, not only is their cocktail menu our favorite but so is the food.  The pork chop, ahi tuna, sea bass, and of course – the filet are all delicious. Regardless of your pick, foodies agree, they have amazing selections.

Reservations are always recommended.  Have kiddos?  Don’t worry, they have a kid-friendly menu, just ask your waitstaff. 

Contact, menus, and details – https://1932reserve.com/reserve.htm